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Keep voting! It's working but we're still only barely in the lead! We need to widen the gap! Thank you all so much!
finally managed to vote, facebook didn't like my tablet, and have shared and asked my friends to vote. xxx
Flip: go to GTM Sportswear on FB, like it, then scroll down the page and look for "Last week to vote for the March Photo Contest" or the photo voting contest album. It's the second to last page of the photo album. Team Bounce.

PLEASE! Spread the word and make your friends/family and alias FB accounts vote. The basketball team is gaining again and we're not ahead by enough!

Thank you all!
Over a thousand people have viewed this. If you all voted, it'd be over. Here's the picture, judge for yourself: it's easily the coolest team picture ever. If you don't like it, don't vote. If you do, PLEASE hurry, we only have a few hours left.


Voted! Very cute pic. We love our GTM warm ups!

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Adorable photo!!

I had to get off of the iPhone and hop onto the iPad in order to see the "Photo Voting" little window thingee.

It reads "VOTE HERE!"
White letters, Blue background

And yes, it was the next to the last page of pics.

Hope you guys win!!

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