I really need help

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If you're really not comfortable with it, talk to your coach. He/She might want you to work them to help out your tap swings. If your coach believes you can do it, you should trust (s)he.
Every single kid I have ever seen learn giants was terrified to try it the first time.

And every single one, after doing their first one, immediately said "Can I do that again?"

The idea of giants is much scarier than actually doing them. Once you try them, they are awesome! More fun than just about any other skill in the sport.
Hopefully it went well last night! The first few giants are scary. If you just focus on keeping your body tight in a handstand, your coach will make sure you get over on the first few. After you get the feeling of going over, you can start to think about technique. As a coach, I don't mind doing most of the work when a kid first does a giant :)
Not open for further replies.