Parents I saw DD's L5 bar routine last night

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Mar 1, 2007
DD is just loving the L5 bar routine! She came out of practice on Weds night saying she did the whole thing by herself without any help from the coach. Last night I went early to pick her up because she wasn't feeling well after school and I figured "just in case" I should get there early. I saw her do the whole thing a couple times & sure enough kips, squat-on, jumps, kips again....amazing! I really did not think she would pick this up so quickly. She is enjoying status of being "the only one" for the moment, but the other teamates are in hot pursuit, LOL!

They are not doing the L5 season right away, they will be starting at the end of the year so she has PLENTY of time to keep practicing. We have a 2nd yr L5 team competeting and it would ahve been too much to have both team going at the saem time. I prefer to wait anyway, I am poped from L4 year and the broken foot.
That is wonderful that she has the whole thing down now and has so long to totally perfect it. She will be a bar star. Those are some big skills she has!
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