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Jan 2, 2009
Yesterday DD was walking barefoot down the hall and stubbed her toe on a crate I have there:rolleyes:. It was bleeding, and she didn't really cry, we put ice on it, and a band-aid, and for gym I taped it to the toe next to it (it's her middle toe)

When she got back from the gym, her toe, and part of the foot around it is purple. If it looks worse this morning, I am going to take her in. I didn't yesterday because I know the only thing they can do is tape the toes together, but it occurred to me this morning that if it is very bad they may have to straighten it out and then tape it.:eek:

some days it's hard to catch a break (sorry, that was pun-intentional)

Aww. Your poor little girl:( Bean managed to break 2 toes last year. Big toe on right foot, and then baby toe on left, 5 months later.

Taping it is good, it adds stability so it doesn't hurt as much. My dd taped hers for gym for a long time after she'd been given the go ahead to use it normally.

We did make a trip to the hospital each time for x-rays. The big toe needed to be set and casted as it had been dislocated and broken into 3 pieces. She spent a week in that, and then 3.5 more in a walking boot. The 2nd break was about an inch up into the foot, on the bone of the baby toe. For that she spent a week in a cast while we waited for the swelling to go down so we could get better x-rays. Then it was back to the walking boot for another 3 weeks or so.

The good news is, Bean said it really only hurt on day 1 and 2, and her bars and conditioning were in top form! Bad news for us was, she missed her 1st qualifier last fall, and then missed her Ontario cup and probably Championships (don't know for sure if she'd have qualified)

Good luck to your daughter, and I hope it's just bruised. Keep us updated.
Hoping it is not broken. Ouch. I broke my baby toe by stubbing it on concrete in high school. Ouch, definitely hurt.
Hope its not a break, but even a bad bruise to the toe can be painful and limit her walking/running for a week or so. Depending on what the foot and x-rays look like they could give her a shoe with a hard sole to wear for a few weeks to add support. Sounds like a few days of limited walking, icing and advil(if needed).
Isn't it funny how our DD's tend to hurt themselves more when they are OUT of the gym? Same for mine she hut her back recently jumping on the trampoline at home! Hope her toe isn't broken. I have done that before and it is not fun.
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