For Parents I think I am starting to *love* our new gym.

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Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
While we miss old coach still *sigh*, I am finding out day after day that there are alot of little things that were missing from the old gym. Today I stayed and watched a little of practice and watched owner working with the girls from the L4 and L5 team as they were warming up on the floor. I love that he corrects them, he is kind, has a soft voice, and interacts with them like a father. It wasn't their fault we all left old gym and I am sure it was a bit of a transition for them as well, getting new girls & parents, but slowly we are starting to feel a sense of belonging. Maybe it was the meet this past weekend when we cheered for girls that were not familiar to us, we had to learn some new names and new faces, but winning 2nd place L5 team and taking a pictures of the new team, DD looked like she fit right in. We are getting a new gym bag and new warm-up, but they are so much more affordable than old gym I only spent $59.00 for both! The next day after the meet in the lobby on a bulletin were little cut out circles with each girls name and score! They never did anything like that at old gym, aside from the 36 club (which they prob won't add DD's name to now that we left!) plaque, there was NOTHING with our teams names or achievements for anyone to see.

DD got a nasty rip on her hand the other day. She was having a monkey bars contest at school and at practice got a huge rip under her grip. The owner who helps coach them on bars took the time to make a nice little bandage that went around her hand and fingers and under her grips. I had to replicate it last night and tonight since it still hurts her. I still don't feel like I fit in with the other moms yet, I am a little on the shy side til you get to know me, but I'm sure as meet season goes on it will only get easier. New gym is also super organized w/communication (girls have their own mail box) and tons of fund raisers. I feel like this gym is a better fit for me economically too. Even though we have to buy some new stuff and pay fees for meets & coaches, there isn't some mysterious "blanket" fee called an assessment fee, where so much of my money was unaccounted for!! Most of all is the family-like feeling. Coaches, owners, entire staff know us by name and say hi. 2 weeks ago they had a cart-wheel-a-thon and nopt only did the girls participate, but some of the coaches too. The girls loved seeing thei coaches doing cartwheels and cheered them on loudly! This week they are collecting food for a shelter. I think we are going to be fine & we are really starting to love our new gym!


Now that is wonderful news! So glad the new gym is such a perfect fit


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Mar 9, 2008
So happy the change is working out so well for you! Sounds like a nice "family" gym, where they focus on the whole package...not just winning. I think you'll be part of the "family" in no time! Enjoy!!!
Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
awesome Blackie:) It just takes time to fit in... I am starting to feel like we really fit into our new gym too:)
Other parent come up to me and say how much their daughters really like Emily and how they love watching her and how talented she is and what a great addition she is to their team and with the girls.
Feb 26, 2007
That is great news, from both of you. Two new gyms and three happy gymmies. Just goes to show how many great gyms there are.
It sounds like you've found a wonderful gym! I 'm so happy for you guys. It's amazing when you have a good fit.

I'm a slightly over protective mom, and if I didn't know that Bean's coaches truly love her as their own, I don't know if she'd still be involved in gym. They spend so many hours there, you really have to know it a nurturing environment. I'm comforted by knowing that Bean isn't just learning new skills, but also developing relationships that will last a lifetime.

Hope your dd's rip heals quickly:)
It's all positive.
There is nothing worse than regretting leaving an old "home" for a new one.


excellent news. I am so happy that you are 100% comfortable with the change.



That's great news!! I am sure you will start fitting in with the other parents too--just give it time (and make sure to sit by them at the meets ;-) ).


That's awesome! It sounds like your gym is a wonderful, supportive environment all around, and that is so important! (I've always felt that way about our own gym, and I've found that my appreciation for their concerned, loving philosophy has only grown, as I bet yours will.) You'll feel at ease with the other parents in no time, too, I'm sure!

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
Great update Blackie!!!! Give it more time with the fitting in with other parents. The kids are there all the time and bond fairly quick, but us parents are not at the gym nearly as much and it just takes a little more time to form those friendships - they'll come though. You'll look back on this comment at the end of meet season and probably chuckle because it will be different... :p


Wonderful news that you are liking the new gym so much! I cannot imagine switching gyms and having to fit in and make friends with new parents. I know I would have a tough time. Our daughters make friends so much more easily!!


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
So glad you are loving your new gym, especially since leaving wasn't something you had even considered before and that you were kind of forced to find an alternative.

I think you will bond with the parents much more as meet season goes along. I only talked to a few parents before, but not that we sit by each other at meets (they try to sit together and cheer for all the girls) I am making friends with others as well. :) It still isn't the same as it was with Abby's old gym, but I really like all the parents at her new gym, too.

Melmonette-Glad things are working out for Madi and Emily, too!!


I'm glad to hear it's going well - we switched a couple years ago (this is the start of Y3 at "new" gym) and I think it was harder for me than for DD as I had been very involved (president) at the old club but "new" club was great and many opportunities for me to get involved so it didn't take long to adjust.

I too noticed much more fanfare and celebration of gymnasts' accomplishments which was really nice (most noteable when a gymmie "gets" a new skill they climb the rope, ring the bell, and the whole gym stops to watch a demo - I just love that, as do the girls!):D


Blackie ~ That's wonderful! I'm so glad it's working out for her, and for you. Just knowing she's happy and thriving makes the decision to move much easier! Congrats to her team for taking 2nd place! That's awesome! :D
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