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I am a 13 year old level 7 gymnast. (Training 8) Starting in February I have wanted to quit gymnastics. I didn’t tell my parents until April and they kept making exucses of why I shouldn’t quit. My parents aren’t ready, but I am. I have talked with my coach and she said she would have never thought I wanted to quit gymnastics. She thinks I’m not ready to quit. I have many mental blocks and my biggest one is my giant to layout flyaway on bars. But besides that, I have had countless injuries. Just in the past 2-3 years I have:
1. Broken my left ankle two times
2. Sprained my left ankle
3. Bruised the bone of both my heels
4. Had Achilles tendinitis
5. Strained my back
6. Strained my neck
7. Pulled a hamstring
8. Sprained my wrist
And I am currently in a cast due to stress fracturing my growth plate of my wrist. My body is breaking down and I dread going to practice. I currently ENJOY being hurt because I don’t have to do much of any skills. I score pretty well at meets. At my regional meet I got a 37.4 with a fall on beam. My parents think I am “too good to quit” and my coach says “it would be disrespectful to your parents to quit now”. It makes me very mad that my parents won’t let me quit. There’s no chance of me getting in college gymnastics, and I don’t even want to. I want to be able to have a normal life because there’s only so much time before you go off to college and start working. Before I got my stress fracture I didn’t even care to try to get the skills. I didn’t care about trying to get my vault or my series on beam. Is it time for me to quit? Or do I need to stick around for another year?


Apr 12, 2017
Have you thought about switching to Xcel or another lesser-hours, lesser-pressure programme? From what it sounds like, you aren't ready to quit gym, you are ready to quit all of the pounding causing the injuries.

Good luck in whatever you decide, but decide it before meet season. If you are really done and all the meets are already paid for, your parents have a darn good reason to not let you quit during the season.


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Feb 26, 2007
I really feel for you, maybe bring your parents to read this post. But I cannot, legally, let you remain a member here. You are underage, and so I have to ban you.

Best of luck finding a way to be heard.
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