WAG I want to start gymnastics…but I feel like I’m too old

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Nov 17, 2021
Hi! I am 17 and am wanting to start gymnastics again. I was a gymnast from age 3 to about 9 and was a level 3 (I think). I never competed or anything…just did it for fun. Recently since covid hit I’ve been working on regaining old skills and learning new ones on my trampoline and a yoga mat. I also have a tape line “beam”. I really want to take a class, but I’m worried I’ll be the oldest by a lot. I have read that t&t is more common for teens, but I also really want to do bars and beam. Should I look into private lessons? Is it even worth it or am I too old? I’m not flexible AT ALL so that’s another worry. Thanks for any advice!
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Geoffrey Taucer

Staff member
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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
You're never too old to do gymnastics for fun!

As to the specifics of what options will be available to you, that varies widely from gym to gym. Your best bet is to call around among gyms in your area, and see what they have available.
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Coach Kate

Oct 13, 2021
I agree that you can start any time to have fun! Some gyms offer classes for junior high and high school aged gymnasts specifically, and the levels vary! Look at the classes offered by gyms near you.
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Proud Parent
Mar 16, 2011
Not sure what is available in your area. But I don’t think anyone is too old to try something new. You can also continue doing gymnastics going into college. Many college clubs take anyone interested in joining. Good luck and have fun.