I'd Like To know What Level I am - UK coaches

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Im Not sure what level im at, and id love to know these are the things i can do ...
kick up around the bar (no support)
three casts (beats) back to stand OR
three casts fall forwards (roll off)OR
climb on holding on to some one a jump to high bar
Stradle Undershoot
Layerway backward roll around bar

swing leg over , v sit bring legs behind etc,,, (the usual mount)
tuck jumps, straight jumps, jump half turn, full turn( the ballet style you know -on one foot) half turn (ballet style) half pivot (two feet turn) arabesque forward roll but fall off most of the time, cartwheel but again fall off , handstand round off -off the end cartwheel up ti hand stand and fall off (no twist) (still a lil shalky on that -dont really reach full handstand or cartwheel)

all regular easy jumps and turns front somersault, front handspring from two feet and step into , round off , with my coaches help (she lifted me through it) i did a bhs on our air track we got for the day , running handspring on air track and somersault (not landed)

squat on , all easy jumps off - front somersault off (not landed)
training front handspring on mats to prepare for vault horse

forward rolls backwards rolls side rolls teddybear rolls handstand , handstand roll round off rebound cartwheel one hand cartwheel splits bridge, fall back to bridge and kickover, dive roll forward straddle backward straddle forward roll slidethrough to splits forward roll bunny hop, stradle up to handstand, pike up to handstand, squat up to handstand, all splits, backwalkover, forward walkover, handstand - bride - to stand.

soo i really need to know what level im att please could you tell mee :D:Dxx
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Idk it,s sounds a little all over the place you might try starting with level 4-5 .The best thing to do is get tested at a gym an see were they would put you ! :)
She's in London, UK so she needs a UK coach to advise her. I will edit the title to show that!
Until you reach level 4 in the UK all the levels are set by regions themselves. This means they differ widely and you need a london coach to tell you. Sorry! Some regions start at level 5 others right down at level 8.

As for grades - you definately look to have all your grade 14 skills. Perhaps you could have a go at that next spring. If not grade 13. Keep enjoying your gymnastics!
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