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Feb 7, 2007
Hi -- I'm going to be coaching an adult women's class this summer and I would like to start every class with a good cardio warm up. But I'm not sure what exactly that should entail. Does anyone have any ideas? I would greatly appreciate any feedback you have to offer. Thank you!
Hello there! Hopefully these ideas will help you out.

-line up pannel mats and jump up and down between them
-mix running in place with jumping, hopping on one foot, etc
-line running (if you have lines on the floor that mark pannels) touch one line then go back to the beginning, touch the 2nd line then go back to the beginning, etc
-relay races that include strength exercises and running

-This one i like to call the farm warmup because it uses different animals:
start at one end of the floor and go to the other end with a motion (running, sprinting, running on one foot, bear crawl, crab walk, one foot going sideways, punching, etc)
then, once you get to the end you jog to the corner then up the side of the floor to the other corner and back to where you started and jog in place until it is your turn again (you'll be running in the shape of a rectangle).
-we used carpet squares to mark our starting places the first few times and we had 6 lines---3 went to the left after going down the floor and 3 went to the right.
-we usually did: (remember you always jog back after you get to the end of the floor)
5 laps running, 3 laps of sprinting, 2 laps backwards running, 1 lap right foot, 1 lap left, 1 lap backwards right, 1 lap bkwds left, 1 lap facing sideways on right leg then 1 lap sideways on left leg (face the same way for these 2), 1 lap facing sideways on right leg then 1 lap sideways on left leg (facing opposite way as the last time), 2 laps bear crawl forward, 2 laps bear crawl backwards, 2 laps crab walk fwds, 2 laps crab walk bckwds, 2 laps donkey kicks foward, 2 laps donkey kick backwards, 2 laps punching fwds.
***Wow was that complicated to explain

Hopefully those ideas will help you out; if something is unclear please let me know.

Thank you Hammy -- those are a lot of really good ideas. If anyone wants to add -- feel free!
sure thing!

Oh--another one is:

1. Make 2 lines in the corner of the floor.
2. Run the diagonal of the floor and split off at the other corner (1 line goes left the other goes right)
3. Run around the outside of the floor and meet back up with your partner at the beginning corner
4. repeat
--mix it up with running, skipping, punching, sliding facing each side, bear crawl, crab walk, etc.
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