OT Ideas.....help please?

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Feb 26, 2007
I am doing a craft with baby Bog's class next Friday. I am going to have them sew a felt envelope and decorate it, that's the easy bit.

I have bought packs of blank index cards for them to create IOU'S/Gift certificates with. What I need your help with is ideas of what they can "owe" or "gift" to their parents. They are going to make 10 each, all different, I want them to have lots of ideas to choose from. Of course they can come up with their own ideas, but I just know that I will need to have a list ready for the more challenged kids.

Ideas...please???:D Thanks
Mar 5, 2008
North America
I love this idea!!! Here are some ideas:

1. I will set the table for dinner
2. I will clear the table after dinner
3. I will wash the car
4. I will make mom/dad's bed
5. I will make mom/dad breakfast in bed
6. I will babysit younger sibling
7. I will vacuum
8. I will do my chores allowance-free for a week
9. I will feed and/or walk pets

Those are just some I thought of off the top of my head. Good luck with this craft!!! Sounds like the girls will have a great time!!!

Deleted member 1703

These are some other things my kids do at home:

  • peel the vegetables for dinner
  • take dogs for a walk
  • tidy the book case
  • sort out the recycling
  • unpack the shopping and help put it away
  • pack away their own washing
  • rake leaves
  • water potplants
Here you can get a pre printed cheque book of favours which can be filled in, signed and pulled out just like a cheque. You could make this yourself though.

PS You guys spell cheque funny - is it check? Oh and I guess favour does not have a U over the ocean, too. Funny old world!


You could also make it more general like a coupon for one extra chore, that way Mom or Dad could decide what chore is appropriate or needed. My kids also have done things like "one dozen free hugs" and breakfast in bed.


What about
phone grandma/pa and chat nicely to the old people
do homework without being asked
tidy bedroom
tidy smaller brother of sisters bedroom
read story to smaller brother or sister every night for week
clean the c**p out of the car!


Oct 22, 2007
lol..... I used to always do this for my parents when I was younger! I usually gave them IOUs for a massage.
haha I think they would be quite happy if I went back to doing this actually! :)
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