if you have quit gymnastics read this

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i quit gym about 4 years ago though it feels like only yesterday. :( i was so upset when i quit that a stopped doing other things that made me happy. gym was my life for 10 years and i didnt know how to get over it. four years later i still havn't gotten over it. i started coaching last year but it didnt seem to fix that hole i had. and now its only getting worse. i dont what to do or if i can do anything
what was it like for you when you quit? how did you deal with?
Apr 26, 2008
Well, I haven't quit gymnastics but I definitely have thought about the day when it will happen (hopefully not for many years fingers crossed!). I don't honestly know what I will do with myself :( Obviously I don't have any personal experience I can share to help you out...I would have thought coaching might have helped, but I guess that could be hard watching the other girls train in the sport you loved for so long. I guess maybe it depends on the reasons as to why you quit - if you had to because of injury that would make it harder. All I can say is best of luck with you and hopefully some of the other former gymnasts on here will have some advice to cheer you up.



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Jan 4, 2008
Why did you quit then if it upset you so much, and if you became depressed about it? It sounds to me like gymnastics is still in your heart and you should get back into it. Don't worry about the break, elite level gymnasts have quit for that long and returned to compete at an international level. Don;t worry about your age there are people competing in their 30's, 40's, 50's and even 60's.


I'm facing the same thing myself. Gym was my life for 13 years and I was forced to quit due to a recurring back fracture that would never heal. I've been coaching and it's helped a little bit it's still not the same. Whenever I'm in the gym I try to do some stuff every once in a while and it helps out a little. I quit about 3 years ago, and I'm still looking for something to take the place of gymnastics--work out wise that is, but nothing seems to be able to fill the void.
Oct 15, 2007
well i quit when i was 8, after being in for 5 years, then i came back after a 4 and a half year break, then i just quit again a month ago. and it was awful, but i plan on goin back.
Mar 5, 2008
North America
I would suggest getting into yoga. It can be very strenuous and a great workout and it still incorporates gymnastics elements--handstands, back bends, balance poses...If you have an injury that is keeping you from gymnastics, yoga is usally what some doctors recommend (it is great for relaxation and stress relief and great for strength building.)
I used to be a competitive distance runner in high school and college and then in 1993 I developed a herniated disc and had a discectomy (L4/L5). I don't run anymore (just because of all the pounding) but I still workout by doing yoga and have toyed with the idea of getting back into my adult gymnastics class. So, the important thing is to go ahead and get back into working out slowly. I know it is hard--I miss running 10K's and stuff but I still take long walks and hikes and do what I can.
So, good luck and get out there and do some cartwheels and handstands!!!
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