If your gym opened Monday would you send your child?

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If your gym opened Monday would you send your child?

  • Yes

    Votes: 77 56.6%
  • No

    Votes: 59 43.4%

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Jul 16, 2013
Thought this would be interesting after reading other posts. Made the poll anonymous so no one gets attacked for their answer.
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Well it depends. I am pretty sure that we all had it right before lock down so there is that. I still would only send her if it was ok'd via state and local govt and the gym took reasonable precautions with numbers/ etc. So I can't really vote yes or no. lol!
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No because where I live we are not there yet But they are planning to re-open schools in a few weeks and if the gym open then, she will be going ( to both, even if school would be optionnal til next school year).
One of those yes votes is me, but I live in Australia where we only had 20 new cases yesterday and it was considered a bit of a bad day.

Schools are reopening in two weeks in my state, and the government is talking about starting to lift the restrictions on sport. When they do, given the current low numbers of positive tests amidst very high testing rates, I would feel comfortable supporting a cautious reopening.
Our state is one of the hardest hit, and I am not yet comfortable sending DD16 to the gym. We have been adhering to strict social distancing and in some ways, that gives us a sense of complacency. But no, not yet. SHE might say yes, but as the parent, I say not yet.
Honestly if schools are not open, then I really think gymnastics gyms should be opening later. It seems like a huge rush when we really are unsure about the way this virus will behave in the youth population.

I would not send my kid to gym.
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Wouldn’t it make sense that reopening be done in a reverse manner from the way things were shut down, ie we go from groups of 10 to 50 to 200 etc? Sports are an available medium for testing the waters on the virus’s behavior in the youth population and our ability to contain outbreaks, by using small groups. Starting with schools is much riskier.

I’m not arguing in favor of opening things up right now. I do think it’s too soon for that, and we are in the camp of doing our duty and have truly stayed entirely at home for the past six weeks. But when it is time to reopen, I think it’s wise to order things by size of gatherings.
The only issue with waiting for school is that schools are closed for the summer anyway so we don’t know when they would be able to open. I expect we will get the announcement about August starts in June.

Many schools in the UK and Canada have very short, in comparison to the USA, summer holidays so it is conceivable that they could open before September. Here they are talking about reopening schools mid May.
We are in the thick of it. And my kid wants to go back to school and gym ASAP.

And school districts vs private gyms not remotely similar. Apples and oranges regarding logistics.

I fully expect her back in the gym before schools open.
No. We appear to be almost at the apex of our curve. We'd need to be further along the downslope. I could see the end of May with substantial social distancing and sanitation restrictions for my area.
Yes. Would never criticize others for their choices. It’s what it’s all about-choice. And we would chose to send her, tomorrow if we could. That is our choice, and I respect all of you for not bashing us for it. Thanks in advance.:)

I’ll raise my hand and say I also answered yes. We live in a county with its very own testing center that has never reached capacity, so much they relaxed the testing rules to the point all you need is any symptom to get tested. So I don’t think we are being under tested here at least. Our county numbers are optimistic ( less than 100 total cases and +80% recovered). I’d send her.
Nope. Although gyms seem to have plans here for opening in the next couple weeks, we are not ready. I don't think the data supports reopening, not enough of a decline in new cases, or for any solid amount of time yet. We (my family) will continue to do our due diligence, and send our gymnast back when we feel it's safe to do so. Initially (based on models, research, etc) that looked like sometime in June. We shall see.
I think I may never have kept my kid out of the gym if they had not been forced to close. No one in our household is in an increased risk category, and we have no family living near us who is. So I have little concern about my family catching it as most likely it would not go badly for us. The vast majority of people who get this virus have mild symptoms. As far as giving it to others, I never send my kids to practice or school when they are sick. My kids know how to wash their hands properly and reflexively sneeze and cough into their elbow as I have always taught them to do this. (I learned to do this from the 80's TV show Saint Elsewhere.)

As far as having a child go back now, that is easy. Yes. Almost everyone has been on lockdown and out of school and work or working at home for 6 weeks. Anyone who is working outside the home is almost certainly taking precautions. None of these kids or coaches is at all likely to be ill.

I would feel more comfortable sending my child to the gym than school. Gym is a more structured environment with more rule following than school. It seems clear that the most important safety measure (aside staying home when sick) is social distancing and I trust the gym to enforce this much more effectively than a school. Also, all gyms should take surface hygiene very seriously and ours certainly always did.

Alas, I do not think our gym will be opening any time soon. And since my daughter does Acro, which would be impossible to do while social distancing, I have no idea what will happen.
I wish maybe was an answer...it would depend on if the state has raised current restrictions, if they would start with small groups, and if they started the rec program up at the same time. I am also a fan for opening up the same way we closed down not just for gym but for the states as well. Allow 10 people to gather, then 20, 50, 100 etc in 1-2 week if things go well kind of waves. If that were to happen my dd wouldnt be in the first wave back to gym the 10 people wave was the level 9s and 10s she would be in the second wave with 25 people in the gym which i would be comfortable with. If they just opened it all up and rec kids were there also I would have alot of questions and concerns.

My dd seems to catch everything and we have some high risk people in our extended family so it would need to be a family discussion with everyones input including those relatives because it could potentially mean she couldn't spend time with then for their safety. Its a complicated balance at this point. Sometimes I am really frustrated and want things to get going and sometimes I am glad I don't have a choice right now for I fear I could make the wrong one. It seems as though all gyms around here are shut down (I could be wrong) so at least I take solace in the fact that locally we are all in the same boat.
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In the Netherlands, primary schools and daycares are reopening in 2 weeks, right after mid term. Our summer holidays are definitely not as long as in the US, we got six weeks in july/august. Government plans on reopening secondary schools from june 1st. Sport facilities may be openend for children under 12, so most are still closed. Pro athletes can go back to training, as long as the keep 1,5m distance. What ‘pro’ means and how they do it in contact sports such as gymnastics, I don’t know.

Schools will only have half of the students for the first 3 weeks back; we got half coming in on monday/thursday and the other half on tuesday/friday, wednesday is for teachers to keep up with the online schoolwork.
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