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Feb 26, 2007
So all of you who followed our family trip to IGC and DC know that Bitty Baby Bog left all her leos behind, which rendered me useless for a week I might add.:mad::confused::(

We have good news. IGC emailed yesterday to say they had a package delivered for one of the girls and could we arrange shipping. I called them as I knew the girls had recieved the camp gifts I ordered for them. The lovely Gena investigated further and it turns out that it is a box of left behind apparel.:D:rolleyes::eek::cool:

The are shipping them back home to us today. BBB is so happy, even if it is not all of the leos we are thrilled.:highfive:

Great service, the other camp they go to discards all lost property, so this is service above and beyond. Another brownie point to IGC.:applause::thumbsup:
Hooray for BBB (and you)!!! Its always great to hear people doing good things for others too.
So the box arrived, it made me feel very sorry for housekeeping at IGC. Out spilled 11 (( I jest not) dirty, inside out, screwed up in a ball, leos. Dirty underwear, unworn socks and a pair of shorts with the tags still on! I am washing them all now.

Good job I didn't know she lost 11 leos, then I would've been madder.

IGC sweatshirt didn't turn up, but the loss will be a lesson less hard than the loss of the leos.

Ah I am happy now.

Anyone want to guess how many leos she actaully owns?
Great news. We're headed soon. Let me know if I can round up any more of BBB's things for you.
Great news. We're headed soon. Let me know if I can round up any more of BBB's things for you.

Aw you are too kind. I think we have it all now, the IGC sweatshirt wasn't labelled and looks just like the other 3000 they sold this year.

I am sure E will have a blast at IGC. I love how many new friends my girls made there, it is what summer camp should be about. If E hasn't been before you might want to search the IGC threads as they are full of great tips that helped my girls. Oldest said a watch would've really helped as there are not many announcements made.

How far is the drive from your place to IGC? Hubby and I were discussing spending some time there (not in your house, in your city!!!) whilst the girls are at IGC next year and maybe even flying out to Europe for a few days.

Seems as though the summer has flown this year, we have acheived a lot but with only 2 weeks left until DS begins college in Montreal on the 18th and 3 until the girls head back to school. Waah, I want more summer please.

The whole winter/snow/driving thing is not cheering me up at all.
this will be her third year, same cabin, same bunk:) She's going with two of her teamates and they're all getting excited. It's around 3+1/2-4 hours drive. We might do a carpool. If you guys get to NYC, we have got to get together:D
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