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Sorry if i put this in the wrong spot.

I was wondering if anyne has had experiance with IGC. I want to send kids there, but its expensive. Is it REALLY wroth it?
What should we pack if my kids go? Do you like it there? Hows the staff? Is the food good, or should they pack snacks? How many leos? Is rec time good? What rec activities are there? How are they grouped? Others? Also we live far so would i be able to leave them multiple weeks with out signing in ( we will tell them though )
Thanks! Also how many weeks should i send my kids for?
We've had good and bad experiences.... my two older girls went for years and I never had a complaint. This past year my little one,10, went and during open gym time tried a triple front into the pit, and kneed herself in the head... she never cries and the coach watched it happen and "gave her a concussion test", a coach not a doctor and said she was fine, and I was not notified. When she came home still complaining about her head we took her to the Dr to find out she had a pretty bad concussion. I just wish I was notified from the camp when it happened, we won't be sending the girls back.
My daughter has gone to IGC for the past two summers and is going again this summer. She absolutely loves it there, especially the food! At IGC they room the campers with other campers who are within one year in age. There are two counselors for each cabin. It is a really organized and well run camp. It is expensive, but I feel it is worth the money. There are campers there from all over the country/world. If you check out their website, they have a lot of good info about rec time, etc.
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