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Proud Parent
Jan 30, 2014
Region 7
My DD will be attending IGC this summer for the first time, and someone told me that they do more rec activities there than actually gymnastics classes, but from what I have read online, they do more gymnastics classes than rec time. Can anyone tell me for sure though?

And if your child went there, how did they like it?
Gym time (I think?) was 9-12 AM 2-4 PM and then another hour or two of open gym in the evening that was optional. Plenty of gym time. Those times might not be exact but for the most part I think they're correct. Don't worry at all about not having enough gym time there. In fact, maybe better to worry that she won't be able to get through all 5-7 hours a day!
Nothing wrong with a little playtime in between.
Both DD and I felt it was a good combination of gym and fun. FTT summed up the hours quite well. This will be DDs third year going (although I was planning on something different, she has asked to go back).
My daughter went there last summer. They had 6 forty-five minute classes each day. She loved it there and can't wait to go back this summer. The practice schedule is on IGC's web page.
Not open for further replies.