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I have my little one home from school today with am icky sinus cold. She competes on Saturday for her 2nd qualifier. The rules at her gym, as stated in the parent handbook, are "you must attend all practices the week prior to a competition in order to compete"

She doesn't train tonight, and will likely feel fine by her next training day, so I don't have a huge concern. I wonder though, if this is standard for most gyms. I don't know anyone who's been sick and then been forced to sit out. (I only really know the parents of the carpool kids) I know Rayna would be devastated if she had to miss competition, and would probably try to hide the illness if she thought I was going to keep her home.

I suppose the rule is in place to make sure the athletes are competition ready at meet time, but I don't like knowing that most would train sick in order to be eligible for competition.

What are the rules at your gym?

Canadian gym mom

oh, and send all the speedy recovery vibes and good luck our way!!!:rolleyes:
Nov 9, 2007
Canadiangymmom- We have the same rule at our gym, but I don't think it has ever been used to keep a healty gymnast from competing. As you go on any things come up to keep your dd from gym, I think this rule is more to keep girls from skipping gym for vacations, dances and parties. I'm sure if your coaches know that your dd is sick they would most likely be more concerned about her being healthy for her meet.

That being said, I hope your dd feels much beter by competition. My daughter had a bad cold her first meet and it can really mess with their balance, and even cold medicines can, so she was a little more wobbly than normal.

Good luck this weekend! Let us know how she does.


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
my DD isn't on team yet, so don't know. i can see how they want the girls to take gym seriously and be at practice the week before a meet, but if a child is sick, they might end up getting others sick and being the only kid well enough to compete.

hope she feels better soon!


Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
We have that rule at our gym too. Recently DD's cousin got sick a couple days before the big State meet. She was so upset about having to miss gym practice (dr's orders) and possibly the meet, it took her 2 coaches calling her to let her know it would be OK to miss practice. She would have gone to the gym sick! One coach was not going to allow her to compete but I think the other two overruled him.

I agree it isn't a great rule to encourage sick kids to make practice, especially against doctors orders. I would think a missed practice would allow some time to get much needed rest in order to make the meet. I could understand if somebody just used "I'm sick" as a means of getting out of practice, but come on, you know when a child is sick. What kind of practice do you think they are going to have anyway?
Jan 9, 2008
Our gym also has the same rules but like the other gyms if you talk to the coaches they are likely to understand. Our kids have often felt sick and once they get to gym they are fine they could always leave early if they don't feel better or sit out and watch.
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