Im a little late posting this...

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So im pretty new to CB,I think I've been on here for about 3 weeks now.

Anyway,im 15 years old and I love gymnastics.If I could train everyday and all day I would.I dont really have a favorite event,but I always look forward to bars and beam.Even though I am really scared of the beam,its so exciting to me.Im a little late to start,but I really think that with a lot of hard work I could compete at higher levels.My cousin was an elite gymnast[they were talking the olympics when she quit!] so I know what im getting into.My mom and aunts also did gymnastics,so I come from a family of gymnasts.

So thats basically it :]
I HATE writing stuff about myself!


Welcome to the CB! With a family like that, it seems like you have a lot of potential as long as you work hard! I love your attitude towards gymnastics, and just make sure you keep it up!
Mar 14, 2007
Hello there. I have my fingers crossed for you being really successful in gymnastics also. Apparantly you seem to have it in your genes! :)
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