I'm a perfectionist

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Apr 3, 2009
and my coach told me i need to stop being one because you can't be perfect at everything right off the bat in gymnastics. I am in x4 and i'm 14 and i just started last october. I have most of my skills but i want to move up as soon as possible. my coach said i might move up in 2 or 3 months. How do i stop being a perfectionist?
i know exactly what you mean. i was a perfectionist for the longest time. i just told myself that i just need to let go, and nothing i do in gymnastics will be perfect unless i do it over and over and over with multiple failures. the worst mistakes are the ones you don't learn from. so if you mess up a move, and your coach corrects the mistakes, take their comments and apply them. it's the only way you can get better. so just remember that failures will equal success in the long run. as hard as it may seem, forget about perfect. don't say, this move HAS to be perfect. say that you're going to strive for perfection. i hope this made sense...haha. good luck:)
First i think you need to understand that with this sport, even though they want you to be perfect, there is no such thing...
There will always be something that you can improve on. If you perfected the technique of a skill, you can still perfect the form and so on.
Gymnastics has taught me how to be patient. I know that this is all new and you want to learn and get stuff all at once but this sport doesn't work like that. You take your time in learning the basic skills and then you build from there. If your basic skills aren't that great, building up to other bigger tricks will be hard. Like a building, if you don't have a solid base, the entire building will collapse :p

So don't worry about trying to be perfect at everything, there's really no such thing as perfect in this sport even though they demand it from you. Just understand that even though gymnastics is a sport where they want flawless routines, when you're learning you can't have a perfect practice everyday. Its just not possible :)

Good luck with everything, and don't rush! This sport has taught me so much about endurance and patience, not just about flipping or having pointed toes all the time.
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