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Hi everyone. I'm the mom of a now graduated Boise State gymnast. I used to work at the club gym she trained at here in the San Francisco Bay Area, but I retired a couple of years ago. I can't seem to get the sport out of my system, and I found this site tonight while surfing the web.

I'm looking forward to visitng this board often.



Proud Parent
Mar 1, 2007
Hi BSU mom,

Just wanted to say welcome to the CB! My daughter is just starting out, she is a L4 who had her very first meet a couple weeks ago. I can see how you get addicted to this sport, and you must have been one proud parent watching your daughter take gymnastics all the way thru college!
Hi Blackie6

How exciting for you Blackie6. Did she enjoy her first competition? I love watching the compulsory kids. It's fun to see them show off their basics, and I'm always amazed at the talent that is already obvious. I have thought seriously about judging L4 through L6. I have several friends who are judges and they really try and talk me into it. Best wishes for a happy successful season for your daughter!

Yes, I'm proud of my daughter too, and she tells me she really misses competition. She's 24 now, and although she competed all events in college, her best event was beam. She holds two conference titles on the event. College gymnastics is so different from club. It's ALL about the team, and not the individual results. It's exciting because in adult life you have to be a team player to be successful. Gymnastics teaches so many positive things that follow you through life. Teamwork, not giving up, pushing through the tough stuff and the joy of seeing your effort pay off. Guess you can tell I miss it too!!

Thanks for saying hello; have a happy season and let me know how it goes.

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