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Hello :)
My name's Emz.
I'm 16, 17 in July.
I'm British.
I'm a gymnast for TWO gymnastics clubs.
I'm not high level or anything, just county/regional competitions.

But it's the ENJOYMENT that counts. I was a late starter =]

Feb 26, 2007
Hay Emz,

I am British too, from Manchester, but now I live in Canada.

Welcome to the chalkbucket, we have a few other Brits on here, coaches and gymnasts. I am sure you'll find lots to do here.


Hey welcome to CB! How do u do gym for 2 clubs at once? Here in the USA sometimes people do HS team and club team but i dont know of anyone whos done 2 clubs at the same time.
Jul 21, 2007
Welcome to chalkbucket! I'm 17 so close in age, and also wondering the same thing as NYgymfan... how do you train at two seperate clubs?

I used to be on a squad and competed for [not gonna put names] gym A, and big time messed it up, fell out with my coaches and a lot of the gymnasts, so I dropped down to training 4-5 hrs a week there, 2 classes and 1-2 open adult and teen sessions. On Monday I had a trial at gym B, and will be training 3 hrs a week there. But with gym B they'll enter me for competitive gymnastics at the level they feel I'm ready for. [Working to UK 5].

However to make it awkward, the facilities of gym B are nothing compared with gym A.

All gym B has is one sprung floor, one beam, one floor beam, one box vault, and one set of bars that only extend to 15.

Gym A has 6 beams, 2 mid height beams, 2 low beams, 3 floor beams and 5 squishy beams, a shiny bar, 3 full sets of bars, 1 single rail bar set lowish for cast to handstand preps, 2 sprung floors, sunken trampette, 4 normal trampettes, 2 trampolines, 1 table vault, an air track, 3 ropes, 1 box vault, barres and wall bars. Soon to be getting pits.

So that's what makes it hard.. I thought about maybe training at gym A where the better facilities and coaches are, and also training at gym B and entering competitions for them 'cause without being on a squad gym A won't enter me.. & the coaches won't have me back on squad. But the head coach of gym A and of gym B are total rivals.. & the gyms are in the same city, AND county. Neither gym are in my county though, it's quite a travel for me. Gym B is fine about me training with gym A and competing with gym B cause they know I get coached well at gym A.. But.. At gym A isn't happy about me competing at gym B 'cause it's their hard work going in making another club look good.

Gym A coach told me a lot about gym B, as well as a lot of the gymnasts at gym A who transferred from gym B. Gym A's recommendation was to 1) Not compete and then train at both, or 2) Try out a gym in my county, 'cause then I can train with gym A and compete with the gym in my county 'cause it's different regions and so different county and regional competitions. The only problem would be if I took it to nationals.

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