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It's offically snowing here where I live in Wisconisin, THE DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY! :( I mean, I live in Wisconsin where it snowed here last year during Spring Break, ( when I was haha leaving for Florida) and I really get sick of snow like two weeks after we get a lot. It's just in the air right now, but I'm really not looking forward to the real thing! I was in my fifth hour class when it started, and we all ran to the window to see it. I was dissipointed.Lol! So, how's that for an early birthday present?

ahhh i'm sorry! i hate snow. the first day it snowed here was august. two ski mountains in my county opened on oct. 10th. one stays open until june or even july. i totally feel your pain.
I remember compulsary USAG state last year for my younger sister. A 1 hour 30 minute drive took us 3 hours due to the snow!!!
We are having our own version of a "cold snap" here in FL. That means it's 56 degrees out this am! Ha-Ha! I am loving it. This was the first morning I got to wear fuzzy sweats and turn on the heater in the car (instead of the AC), while I drove dd to school.

But I do hope it clears up soon for all of you up in the snow/ice/real cold. I know I didn't have nearly as bad Winters back in Northern Cal, but they could get very grey and rainy, for months on end w/ no sun, so I know how it feels to dread a whole season of depressing weather.

But at least you guys get a "White Christmas" (and/or Holiday Season)! We will have to put Holiday lights up on our palm trees! How weird is that!? :cool:

I know! I do not live in FL., I live in NC, but still last time it snowed was about half a inch!!!! We Never Ever get good snow:(!!!! its annoying
It just rains in Britain. Like ALL THE TIME. We get some snow but mainly ice. And a lot of wind, last winter I was sure my window was going to come in it was that bad.

It hasn't got above 40 all week though. Having that said, 70 is bikini weather for me so I'm not too bothered.
Haha, yesterday it was in the mid 60's and I took my dog for a walk with a tshirt and a longer pair of shorts! It's supposed to be in the low 60's till Tuesday I think, so I have to enjoy the warmer weather while it lasts!
Not open for further replies.