I'm super excited! (caution: Bragging!)

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May 3, 2008
Just yesterday I was working on bhs on the beam andfhs on the beam also. With the bhs I had trouble with getting my hands on the beam. Me being a 5'7 gymnast, my feet and hands are a bit larger than the other girl's on the team. BUT, on saturday, i got my hands on the beam several times. I'm really excited because if I can get the bhs repeatedly on the beam without trouble, I may be able to compete beam this year! That means I would be able to be a n all-around gymnast for my high school! Plus if I can get the fhs on the beam that makes me more of a player for a spot on the beam team. The state of Ohio also just allowed the skill of the double back on the floor. My coach said that if I work really hard and because I'm so "springy" that I might be able to do double backs too! So far it has been a great pre-season and I hope that it just gets better as it goes on!


Congrats - that really is awesome news. I give you a lot of credit for your perseverance. There are quite a few skills that are tougher if you are tall and you don't give up :D
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
that's awesome you're getting your BHS on beam!
i can totally relate, I'm slowly trying to get my BHS up to the high beam without a spot also:S



Proud Parent
Feb 19, 2007
Congrats! THat's awesome. It's just not fair (I know, I know... who said life was fair?) that the little whipper snappers can just flip these skills no problem and the taller/older gymnasts have to work so much harder to do them!! I was just telling a friend that I know of a 5'8" gymnast who is in her freshman year of college on a gymnastics scholarship!

Keep up your hard work... you'll get it!~



Great news! And keep me posted on your progress, b/c I have a tall gymmie :D! She is 12 and already 5'3". If you double her 2 year old height, (which some DR's say is how you can pretty-well estimate their adult height), she will be a whopping 5' 11" !! So we are particularly fond of tall gymmies here in our house!

So you go girl! ;)
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