Im wondering what i can do to get over a couple of injuries???

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I've been doing gym for a bit of time now and I've accumulated a couple of injuries. der... who doesnt :p
But my problem is they havent gone away, some have gotten worse and I've been trying to heal them for more than a month :(
Anyway I've been doing the traditional I.c.e and rotating between hot and cold but nothing seems to heal any.

My problems are: (sorry its longish)

My hamstring I think i pushed myself in the L splits to hard one time and now I can hardly straddle the floor and stay up right.

My arms hurt when I do specific stretches Like I cant get my left arm to reach up the middle of my back without some freaky pain shooting through my upper arm (palm facing away from my back)

My neck, the second I tilt it backwards so that Im looking directly at the cieling both sides of my neck pinch and stay pinched and hurt pretty badly until some time later. (yeah this ones the one that worries me the most) because its getting worse fast

My ankle I've kinda sprained? it like twice, or three times i suppose and its been about a month and a half since the last one
Anyway my trouble is i still cant sit on the floor and do a butterfly stretch BECAUSE its bruised? i dont know why I was hoping maybe someone else might,
Also with the same ankle I can point my toes or foot only with real pain, and it doesnt have much of a range of motion when i try. I think it has something to do with the lunge position because I cant lunge on it with my knee bent over my foot???

Im not whining and im not being a baby :D
Im just looking for advice on how to heal better faster so i can move on =D

Thanks a bunch :)
Go see a doctor.

If one of my gymnasts had that many injuries, I'd want her to get looked at and get a doctor's recommendations. Constantly babying injuries (as we all do when something is sore) leads to BIG injuries. You only get one body--please take care of it.

Thanks for the advice =D
I went to my high school trainer and told him about my neck and ankle, I didnt have time to take care of aany other stuff sadly :(
He said the only way to get my body to heal is by allowing it to heal, which is obviously taking some time off gym, I really really REALLY dont want to do this but I thought it over and Im gonna take advantage of the rest of Dec. and the first week in jan to take a real break. Because for sure Im not interested in letting these injuries accumulate =/

If the injuries are pretty much just strains and pinches (besides my ankle) would this be enough time?
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