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Gymnastics mom

Proud Parent
Sep 8, 2019
Can someone please help with improving split jump on beam? It's not flexibility, my daughter can do past 180 splits. She needs help with how to get more power, etc to allow her the time to get to a full split on the beam. Any technique tips would be greatly appreciated!
It is quite common, especially in young gymnast, to have splits down without being able to hit 180° in a split jump. Basically they have the flexibility but they do not have the strength and fast twitch muscles to jump, hit 180 and land in a very short amount of time.
(The opposite also happens, although more often in older/more powerful girls)

It's mostly a strength issue which I am sure her coaches are aware of and working on.
Don't worry about it, I'm willing to bet she is not the only one. :)
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