Anon Inconsistent back walkover

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Feb 16, 2022
Ok so today I got my back walkover back after losing it 3 months ago and when I get home to keep practicing it’s usually a hit or miss. After I finally do it and I go for it again I can’t do it. I either land on my hands, land on my hands kick over but not completely, or land on my hands and crumble. I recorded videos of myself to see what’s wrong and comparing it to me doing it correctly but I can’t pinpoint the problem. When I do pinpoint the problem and do it again the cycle continues.
Feb 16, 2022
Break the skill into chunks and work on parts of it individually. If you search YouTube for “back walkover drills”, you’ll find a bunch of drills to help you. Also, strengthening your core muscles and improving your flexibility in your bridge will help.
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