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Jul 25, 2019
My DD did her first independent giant on the high bar on Monday of last week. She is usually the type that one she has a skill, she has it. This skill though has been super hit or miss. One practice she will get around on her own pretty much everytime and then the next practice (like yesterday) she can't make any of them. Did anyone else have that experience with their gymnast? I don't even ask about bars cause I certainly don't want to pressure her and her first level 7 meet is likely not until December. I'm not even sure why this particular skill not being consistent is bothering me! She does keep telling me that her teammate who got her giant pretty much the same day is already very consistent. Ugh, I hate to think that's why this is taking up space in my brain but I think I'm comparing. I hate even admitting that since I ALWAYS tell DD not to do the same! Thanks everyone!
Giants are always inconsistent when new. Much more than most other skills.

Don't worry; they'll eventually reach the point where they feel like the easiest thing in the world.
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It varies by kid we had one girl in my daughters group that had the skill for like 8 months then lost it for a year then just got it back last week. My DD took awhile to get it (shes usually first to get bar skills) but once she had it it was pretty solid. Even when its solid there are just some days where somethings off and you miss. I wouldnt worry too much about it as said above this is one of those skills that can take some time to get used to its very different from all the things they worked before so getting the "feel" of it can take some time.
Don’t sweat it. It takes time to get used to. Our gym has a rule that you can’t say you have a skill until you have been able to do it independently 21 times. So, if she just got the skill a week ago, she is still new and needs to get into her rhythm. My DD1 officially had her giant literally the week that the world shut down last year. She was out of the gym for a few months and it took awhile to get back in her groove. I believe she competed her first few L7 meets without a giant (technically not a requirement according to USAG standards but some gyms have it as a requirement for mobility from L6 to L7). She now has it consistently and it’s like second nature to her now. Give her more time and consistency.
Thanks Everyone, I figured it was probably pretty common for a giant to be inconsistent for a while. I think because it's just her and the 1 other teammate that currently are new to giants that her teammate is the only gymnast she has to compare herself to. She tends to focus on the negative at times and get on a roll about certain skills so I think that's getting in my head too. She was just so happy on Friday to do it 4 times in a row and then to go from that to yesterday not getting it even once, it was like her balloon was popped.
Giants can be like the weather, they can just come and go. Think it is the one skill for my kid that any growth spurt, even the tiniest, causes havoc. They always return and she has learned to ride it out.
Next competitive season will be really fun as you hold your breath when every single athlete does bars. "Makeitover makeitover makeitover!!!" You will also see someone lose, and then regain, a flyaway during the season. Ideally between meets. Have a great time!
Ha! I actually held my breathe during level 6 bars wondering would she make her squat on (she missed it during the 1st meet) and would she go over during her cast handstand! I've perfected my look like im totally cool on the outside while secretly freaking out on the inside face!
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