Index of banned skills?

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Geoffrey Taucer

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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
Ok, so I started doing Thomas fulls on floor a week or two ago; that is, a back one-and-three with two and a half twists. For awhile, I thought I was the first to pull it off, since it's not in FIG, but I later learned that it used to be in FIG, but has been banned.

Does anybody know of a list of banned skills, or anything like that I could use to look this skill up and learn it's proper name? Or does anybody already know it's proper name?

EDIT: To clarify: no, I don't intend to ever teach this skill to any of my kids. But I'll probably keep working on it myself, just for the heck of it.
Here's some videos of banned skills (can't find a list right now):


Here's a trick like yours.
Wow !!:eek: The second video was disturbing:shudder: I saw all the banned skills in the first video except for the last one on the EB routine I guess I didn't catch it:confused:
The funny thing is that when you do it right, a rollout landing is much smoother, much easier, and even hurts less than landing on your feet. I honestly prefer landing in a roll to landing on my feet.

But it is, admittedly, much more dangerous if you screw up.
OUCH! Poor girl! I had something similar happen to me back in high school. I used to love gymnastics class... until some girl who was supposed to be spotting me was too busy flirting with the coach... and let me land on my head/neck. I laid there for several minutes as my body tingled and he yelled at me to get up because I was wasting everyone's time. I refused to go back into that class and received an F for the semester. My only failing grade EVER in school. Needless to say, I never got into competition and it makes me nervous watching my niece... but at least I know her coaches and gym-mates are watching her and if she's doing anything dangerous they're there spotting the first few times until she gets the hang of it.
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