Indy Lvl 7 Meet Results

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May 22, 2009
At the Gym!
So i got back from the Indiana Circle of Starts meet last night and I wanted to post my scores and stuff.

This is my first year Lvl 7 and the first year I've competed in this meet (normally we do the Chicago Style instead)

Floor: 9.075
Vault: 9.075
Bars: 8.95
Beam: 8.925

All Around:36.025

This is the first time I've done my giants is competition since I lost them and I didn't make ANY in warm up so I was really stressed but I made them in my routine.

On Floor I bounced out of all my tumbling so that was like three tenths off plus before my last tumbling pass i had to take a GIANT step to the corner because I was nowhere near it.

I took a hop out of both my vaults but besides that they were ok

On beam I had a pretty good routine but I wobbled on my Mount ( :p ) and had a big wobble after my leap

4th place on Bars
7th place on Beam
8th place on floor

4th place All Around
No problem :) Ohhh and you need to change the Latest Dissapointment part on your sig because that's obviously wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your amazing!! I've never gotten a 36, ever! I've only gotten a few 35's! You can work on what you said you messed up on, but you are still fantabulous.
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