Info on Tacoma/Olympia, WA gyms?

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Anyone here from the Tacoma/Olympia area in Washington state?

Our family will moving there soon and dd will be continuing gymnastics. We have looked at the web pages for many of the gyms listed on the USAG site and have found a few that we all are interested in, but I was wondering if there was anyone here that lives in that area or has had dealings with any of the local gyms there that could share your experiences with us.

Right now dd is L3.

Thanks in advance!

I live in an area near Seattle, WA, and unfortunetly none of the main or well known gyms are anywhere near Olympia. I do not know how far you are willing to drive, but if you need anymore help on some gyms I could be sure to list off a few. There is one gym that is in Federal Way, and when I looked it up it was closest to Tacoma. I've seen that gym at many meets, they don't seem to do that well, but that might be one gym you could look further into. Good luck!
Thanks, I have looked at that one...I think :) I've been looking at so many my eyes have started seeing gym websites in my sleep!

There will be more choices in our up coming new area than what we have here in Abilene, TX locally so it makes a little more work for us...I just hope we can find a good one!
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