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Jun 21, 2008
Region 3
ok, so last year about this time i sprained my ankle between two mats when i fell off the beam. then in nov. i sprained the other ankle in a hole and continueally throughout the rest of my competition season i had problems like resprains with both of them. i tried conditioning to get them stronger because one of my coaches suggested i had "loose ankles". All summer i have been problem free, until recently. about this last month my ankle that i originally sprained has been bothering me. i ice it alot especially after gym trying to get it "good" for the next days practice. I have a doc. appoint. for next week to see what the prob is. i can tell that if i continue to use it and it hurts, it going to resprain. I hope this doesnt happen between now and next week, but i dont want to skip out on tricks at gym that really effect my ankle like floor and vault... what should i do?:mad: i am so tired of these dumb ankles and injuries.... HELP!
Not open for further replies.

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