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I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a pulled adductor (inner thigh). I'm getting really frustrating. I pulled it about a month ago but it's still bothering me and I think its because I keep trying to tumble anyway. I think roundoffs are the worst. Normal activites and exercise don't seem to bother it all that much but as soon as I try to hurdle for a roundoff it starts hurting and by the time I leave gymnastics I'm in agony. I've tried stretching it gently and I try to be careful other times not to use it much. I swim too and I've kind of laid off breaststroke because it hurts a little bit (I'm trying to save myself for gymnastics).
Do you have any suggestions? I've decided to try to stick to vault, bars and beam tomorrow to keep from reinjuring it again. Basically, I think I need to avoid any hurdles with my legs wide but I really hate not tumbling, its my favorite. Have any of you had a similar problem and what do you do about and how long did it take to heal?


Aug 3, 2008
You may want to consider only doing bars, flexibility, and conditioning for a week or so. Also make sure to alternate between icing it and applying heat. Then start doing beam, then add vault, and then add tumbling. It sounds to me like you keep re-injuring it by not giving it enough time to rest and recover.

Not open for further replies.