WAG Injuries

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Strength and prehab were my go tos. Limiting numbers on hard surfaces, really focusing on quality above quantity.

Yet injuries still happen, sometimes you are just unlucky
Sports are hard on the body . Gymnastics is brutal .
Do you mean from a coaching standpoint, or that of a gym owner, parent or gymnast?

- Safety Audit the gym, ensure all hard surfaces are matted, equipment is a suitable distance apart, pad walls, repair damaged equipment, etc
- Ensure equipment in checked every day
- ensure coaches are trained in checking equipment each use
- Train coaches in safety and make sure they continue to update their skills
- Teach kids how to land and fall safely and practice is regularly.
- reiterate safety rules on a daily basis
- Have an excellent strength and flexibility program, and required strength and flexibility prerequisites for each skill
- Have clear skill prerequisites before teaching any new skills
- Ensure coaches are trained in safe spotting practices
- Strict class wear policy, make sure kids are in appropriate class wear before walking in the door. No Jewellery, hair up, no slippery bandages or socks etc.
- Make sure kids are in an appropriate level for their ability
- Watch students closely for changes in technique and fatigue and stop skills before an injury occurs
- Use equipment like mats, trampolines, foam pits, air mats, hardnesses to teach new skills
- Make sure coaches only coach skills they are competent to coach
- Balance out the way their body is used. Ie if they do a lot of arm work, switch to,leg work etc.
- Ensure All gymnasts are warmed up fully at the start of the session, including any gymnasts who may have come late
I could go on forever.

As a parent, ensuring a gymnast eats healthy food before training, has plenty of water, is dressed appropriately. Commit to all training, arrive on time so warm up is not cut short. Ensure appropriate sleep. Seek medical help early on with any paid to stop small injuries becoming big ones. Don’t allow kids to train skills at home or a trampoline park. Avoid home equipment.
Not open for further replies.