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Proud Parent
Mar 14, 2021
Hi my DD will be out a few weeks after 3 rd injury since summer. What have gyms, coaches done to help gymnasts regain strength, skills ( such as privates, change in training structure) especially in the middle of the season?. Has any gymnasts sat out the season and worked on regaining skills.


Proud Parent
Mar 25, 2022
My first priority would be figuring out why she’s getting hurt so much.

Was it just pure bad luck? If so, not much to do.

But if it’s overtraining, or muscular imbalances, or poor nutrition — you need to get to the bottom of it.
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Proud Parent
Aug 2, 2016
My DD had a flukey, yet serious elbow injury last December and missed the entire season. She continued to go to practice, had a conditioning checklist that she did everyday and worked those parts of her routine that were not affected by her injury (mostly leaps). She was finally cleared to return fully to the gym in May. She slowly worked to regain skills and more importantly, confidence. She wasn't quite fully back and then in September rolled her foot on a landing and broke a bone. She sat out another 10 weeks and was cleared right around Thanksgiving. During those 10 weeks she did as much as she could without using her foot (bars into pit and conditioning) and continued with additional arm strengthing conditioning. In the last year she had maybe 12 weeks practicing vault. to regain vault the coaches pretty much started her from the very beginning (running straight jump) so as not to sustain any new injuries and to rebuild strength. She had her first meet this weekend and although not completely back looked strong and confident and did well. I'd say, if your daughter wants to continue gymnastics its important to maintain strength during the recovery period. As boring and tedious as it is continuing with condition is important to getting back into the gym and recover skills.
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