MAG Inner Hand Pain

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Dec 14, 2021
Hey All, Trying to see if anyone else has/is having this issue and trying to find possible solutions.

Back Story - 3 years ago, my son developed hand pain right in the middle of the inner hand. It hurt him to do parallel bar work (specifically underbar work). We went to all these doctors and specialists. Now one could find a reason for the pain and said to just take time off. He stopped bars all season. Once he returned, he didn't have the pain anymore.

Fast Forward - Now he is working more and more underbar work and the pain is back. It is accompanied by bruising. We think that may be what it is, but are looking for ways to work through this so he doesn't have to stop doing bars or losing possible points for no underbar work his senior season. I cannot find anyone who has this and don't know how to help. Ointments, grips, gloves????


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Jul 19, 2011
Region 9
where is the pain? Like on the palm? Or on the side? Just trying to picture.

Could he be gripping too tight? That could cause some pain.
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