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Jan 16, 2014
San Diego, CA
Just wanted to share a little bit more information about my children's book, Tina Tumbles, and a picture from the book, for those that are interested!

Tina is a young girl who sees gymnasts flipping across the TV screen and wants to try gymnastics herself. Tina eats, sleeps, and breathes gymnastics, determined to master her skills on the furniture in her house. It's not until her mom finally signs her up for lessons that Tina learns to land on her feet with practice and some helpful corrections from her coach.

This story is all about confidence, focus, and perseverance. Even though it follows a young girl learning a headstand, cartwheel etc., the concepts can be applied to learning skills at all levels. Often times skills in gymnastics look so easy, when in reality, it takes a lot of hard work and practice and a few tumbles before we finally master our goals.

In 2010, Tina Tumbles was picked up by a publisher, but things did not end up working out. Like Tina, my illustrator and I refused to give up. We knew we had an important book and message for many young gymnasts, so we then decided to try our book on Kickstarter, a website dedicated to helping launch projects via crow funding.

Not only can you pre-order this colorful 32-page hardcover picture book, but you will be helping us (including Tina) get back up on our feet. We have until next Monday, February 10th to reach our funding goal, and Tina Tumbles will be printed for release in April 2014. The next step: Amazon, gym pro-shops, bookstores across the country?

Click here to pre-order and to learn more about the project (ie more sample pictures and a video!) Share with friends, family members, coaches, kids at your gym, anyone who might be interested. Our book also includes a Picture Glossary of Basic Gymnastics Shapes. Read our Kickstarter FAQs on the bottom of our page for more info on how Kickstarter works. Thank you so much for your interest! :)


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Thanks, Mary! I am now at 3 days left and $1500 to go!

For those possibly interested in the book, but that don't quite know what Kickstarter is, here's a little bit more info:

After parting ways with our publisher, we decided to self-publish, which is certainly not cheap, especially going with a nice, trustworthy printer. Kickstarter helps people generate interest and pre-sales to pay for the publishing ahead of time. Many things can be funded through Kickstarter as well like movies, music, videogames, restaurants, etc. Another gymnastics picture book funded by Kickstarter: 1984 Olympian Jessica Tudos' Kika the Upside Down Girl.

The thing about Kickstarter though is that if you do not reach your goal, the project is not funded AT ALL. People are not charged, and all of the hard work and money raised is null and void. Why go through such stress? I see it comparable to a life dedicated to gymnastics (and of course, my other passion of writing). It can be tough in the moment, but in the end it's all very worth while, especially when I know I can brighten up the world of a child.

I wrote this book for all the parents who have told me there were just not enough gymnastics picture books for their kids, and for all the gymnasts who started their career on the furniture and love this sport as if it were a member of the family. If Tina Tumbles sparks your interest, please pledge and help spread the word gym moms and dads! Thank you! :)
Tina, did you know you can add a signature with a link to your website? I am cheering for you, I love gymnastics and I love books.
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Exciting news! We will now be revealing the "special guest gymnasts" who will be signing books at one of the reward levels!

At the $100 reward level, you will get 2 books signed by Charlie Tamayo, Jamie Dantzscher, and one member of the "Fierce Five" 2012 Olympic Team, plus some other fun stuff! Only 8 left!

At the $18 reward level, books are available at retail price with FREE SHIPPING!

We are now at 89% with 50 hours to go!
Tina needs only a little more to get published and less than 48 hours to get it done. Go Tina!
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