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And you both just happen to be from the UK but moved over here! That’s really awesome that you guys found each other!
I don't understand! I'm not from UK. I've lived here all my life. Anyways I'm not interested in fighting to defend @Flopsygymnast as I don't really know her. Can we stop with the sarcasm?
Sorry for causing any arguments, that was just my two cents to this convo.

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Back on topic!

DD's gym hosted a meet last month, and I volunteered to be a timer on bars a particular session (levels 7-10). It was the first time I had ever done so on bars, and I rarely get to see our higher level optionals compete, so I was excited for the opportunity to get to see bar routines up close! Some interesting things I heard and saw, and some of MY reactions:
* Gymnasts hit their feet on the low bar - I'm a relatively new parent in the sport and did not know this was a thing! It sure isn't something I ever picked up on watching competitions on TV.
* Upper level optionals bar routines are beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Blind landings? Flyaways? These kiddos are absolutely amazing.
* We had only ONE L10 competing that session, and *everyone *, (incl. the bars judges next to me), watched/commented all of her routines intently - all very positive feedback. The whole gym, other teams and parents included, clapped and cheered her on - it was a small meet - and that was so cool to witness. Lots of collective breath holding during her routines, LOL.

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I want to reiterate the absolute hilarity of what happened here:

She told an obvious lie. When called out, she doubled down on the obvious lie. When further called out, she created a new account using a stock photo for her profile, pretending to be somebody else just to back herself up.

Like..... given the high amount of effort she put into the lie and the almost-nonexistent amount of effort it took to catch it, wouldn't it just be easier to, you know, not make stuff up?
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