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Most People Fail Not Because They Aim Too High--but Because They Aim At Nothing

The Self-motivated Person Is The One Who Has Developed More Of The God-given Potential All Of Us Possess

All People Are Created With An Equal Opportunity To Become Unequal

If A Person Fails, It May Be Because That Person Never Tries

Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity

Many Players Want To Practice What They Do Best--good Players Practice What They Do Worst

Doing Your Best That You Are Capable Of Is Victory In Itself And Doing Less Than Is Defeat

Be Thankful For Adversity--is Separates The Winners From The Quitters

You Are Who You Are When No One Is Around

Persistant People People Begin And Succeed When Others Fail

Remember When You Are Not Practicing, Somewhere Someone Is And When You Meet Them, They Will Win

If You Are A Doer, You Are Going To To Make Mistakes

It's Amazing What A Team Can Accomplish When No One Cares Who Gets The Credit

Never Sacrafice A Principle For An Immediate Gain

Play Every Play As The Big Play (practice As If You Are Competing)

The Calibre Of A Person Is To Be Found In Their Ability To Meet Disappointment

A Player With Mediocre Ability Who Hustles Is Excellent, While A Player With Excellent Ability Who Doesn't Is Mediocre
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