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Jul 17, 2009
Hi, I'm going to international gymnastics camp for the first time this summer, and it's my first time going to sleepaway camp, so I'm kind of nervous. If you have been there before, can you please give me some feedback on it, like how much you liked it or things that I should know about it? Thanks!
Aug 15, 2008
i LOVED igc:) it was my first time at sleepaway camp but your always so busy and having fun you forget your not at home and the week flys by! there really is nothing to worry about. everything is really fun! just make sure you are out going and not shy! cause you will have more fun if your out going and make alot of friends and stuff :) have fun!
Feb 26, 2007
My girls just came back from their first week there. They went by themselves as in not with friends and they were in cbins with girls they didn't know. They both made tons of new friends, sadi everyone was so friendly from the first minute there.

Good to arrive there around 12 noon, people are lined up waiting, but it means you get the choice of a top bunk. The line to hand in money for the week was loong.

All the supervisors and coahes were nice and fun. On the first day you can go and check out all the gyms. It is very beautiful.

The girls said the food was amazing, fresh fruit and veggies at all meals. They said on the first day you do an evaluation for the training groups. You had to show them what you can do on the low bar and your hardest back tumbling, so it wasn't too tough. They eneded up in the right groups. They got to work on all the skills they wanted and came back with improvements.

Both of them loved the scary aerie and the pool. There were fun activities every day.

I am sure you will have a blast, mine can't wait to go back again next year. As for being shy don;t worry, my oldest is a bit shy and the cabin counsellors made sure everybody got involved and that quickly makes the shyness go away.
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