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Steve Long

Hi -I'm new to the Chalk Bucket. From Nelson, BC Canada and run a club with my wife. Aside from the administration of the club, I also coach all levels including recreational, pre competitive and competitive boys and girls. See ya around.
Welcome to The Chalk Bucket...great to have another husband and wife team around here. My wife (Audra) and I have been running a gym in California for the last few years.
Hi, Steve!

I'm not a gym owner, but just helped get a new gym up and running. I helped lay the Spring Floor, put up drywall, painted, etc. I don't have a financial interest in it, but a huge emotional investment. I really want to see this gym be successful as I love the coach & the owner.


JBS do you know a gym owner in the San Fran area of Cali named Eric Van Der Meer? If you do and have his contact details I would love to get them, we used to work at the same camp together a few years ago.
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