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Feb 15, 2007
Thomasville, NC
Hi, My name is Leslie! I live in Thomasville, NC and am the very proud mother of 3 beautiful children and 1 granddaughter!
My youngest just turned 6 in April and has been dancing (ballet, tap, acro, cheer & production team) since she was 3. This last season we did competitive dance which we all loved and had a Great time both with the dancing and just being together!
In August of 2006, Mackenzie decided she wanted to try gymnasts, so we joined a local gym on the recreation level and she progressed very quickly. She has all her level 3 & 4 floor skills but had previously had NO experience on the other apparatus.
In February 2007, after just 6 months in the gymnastics arena, she was invited to the level 3 team. So, we embark on a new adventure. She is at the Olympia Gymnastics Camp this week (June 25-29, '07) near Charlotte, NC.
I don't know where she'll end up going with this, but my entire family is elated at her prospects. Especially, I think my father gets almost "giddy" watching her! It is really sweet how proud he gets and how much he wants to be involved!
My younger sister and my older dd both had high hopes in gymnastics and both developed Osgoods disease in their knees and had to give it up. Hopefully Kenzie will have better luck "health-wise".
She is studying under an NCAA Women's gymnastics judge who has an AWESOME personality and mannerism with the girls! We love you Portia!!!
Can't wait to meet some more "gym moms" and see your perspectives and questions!
Have fun and maybe we'll meet in the gym someday!
Leslie :)
welcome Leslie :)!! I am also mom to 3 wonderful kids.. 14 & 12 yr olds sons that love football and tumbling & tramp - T&Twas only an interest that came in the last 6 months for them both, but they love it - only for fun. & my soon to be 6 yr old dtr (6 in sep) loves gymnastics:D and trains on a comp team, but won't compete until she is 7. Hope you enjoy the CB as much as I have... nic
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