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Feb 9, 2008
I am a mom of two girls. My oldest is 14 and has been involved in gymnastics since she was in mommy and me classes. I never dreamed I would still be involved today, 12.5 years later. She is repeating level nine because she has been struggling with injuries. It seems she gets one rehabilated and she sustains another. She is also training to become elite which means she lives at the gym, two hours before school and four hours after school and then 4 hours on Saturday. Our gym team is small and my daughter is the only level nine. She is feeling really stressed because her coach has started pushing REAL hard and is begining to use critisim in an attempt to push her harder. This is really hard for her, her dad and myself. Also some of the little girls are pushing through the levels it seems injury free and are catching up to her which is making my daughter feel, well just bad. I have heard the whispers of the other parents about my daughter not being able to cut it, well sticking it out after three broken bones, torn muscles and tendons I know she can cut it. They still have the opinion that nothing bad will happen to their girls because they are training better. I have been around to long and watched to many good gymnast quit. Well needless to say I don't have an understanding parent support group and was hoping to find some moral support online.


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina

welcome to Chalk Bucket. I think you will find the parents here very supportive, coaches as well.

I am sorry to hear that your daughter has had so many injuries and especially that she is not receiving the support she needs from her coach. Gymnastics is hard enough with a lot of support. These girls work so hard it is amazing.

I find it sad that these other parents are not more understanding. If any of them have been at the gym long enough to see all your daughter's struggles to come back from multiple injuries they should by praising her for her drive, determination and obvious love of gymnastics, not beating her down.

my dd is only 7 yrs old and a L3, I don't know how long her love of gymnastics will last and I can only pray that she remain injury free - but I also know the more she is in the gym the more her chances for injury grow. These parents should be thankful for every moment their child is injury free. The only L8 in our gym is coming back from a broken growth plate in her knee right now. She seems to be coming back quickly but she is frustrated that she cannot do all she could do before - and having to watch her when she could not do gym at all (cast from upper thigh to ankle) was awful, she was miserable.

Anyway - I guess I am done rambling !!! Again - I think that you will find the support you are looking for here at chalk bucket, and I am sorry that you are not finding it w/ your gym's team parents. They obviously don't understand the word TEAM.

You should have your daughter log on to in the gymnast forum - she can probably get a lot of support to.


Welcome to the chalkbucket. It is very impressive for your daughter to come back from all those injuries. She must really love gym!
Jul 12, 2007
welcome mmmmom! your dd deserves a great deal of credit as well as respect! She has come further then many other gymnasts will ever come...

I hear parents talk like that all of the time when their dd's are 8's, 7's, 6's and even 5's about higher levels... I would say it is not worth even over hearing - many of these parents don't understand how difficult it is to get to and then stay, and then move higher into these levels. Chances are there will be an injury along the way and reality will set in... or maybe it will get too hard and their dd's will quit - you just never know. Let them talk! They will figure it out sooner or later - on the other hand, for you, keep in mind there is some point when everyone COULD get to the same level.... kinda the point in gymnastics :p. Everyone will have their own talents and differences and there is room to appreciate all :D... it is nice to "meet" you and looking forward to your mnay years of wisdom in this sport - ingymmom

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
MM--nice to meet you. Also send best wishes to your dd for a speedy recovery. My gymie is 11 and in her 1st L7 season. I think now more than ever we really understand all it takes to get up to those top levels. Its is incredibly tough and the girl(not the parent) really has to love the sport and be motivated. Congrats to your dd on all she has accomplished.

We left our 1st gym last summer due to issues with the coach. Some of the things he said to my gymie still play in her head now. Her new coaches are aware and are really working on rebuilding the confidence that he stripped away.

Anyway, welcome!!! We will look forward to you insight from many years in the sport.

BTW--I just don't have the time to say personal welcomes to every new person. Wish I could! So, if I haven't said welcome aboard to some, please take this as a Big Welcome to CB from me.
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