Is anyone else excited for the Olympics? Who are you rooting for for team USA??

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Mar 10, 2017
Obviously Simone Biles is a lock to get a spot but who are your favorites to make the women’s team?

Have you been following any of the other gymnasts and hoping they get one of the spots?

I’m looking forward to watching the American Cup next month and of course the Olympic trials!
My favorites are Sunisa Lee and Kara Eaker.
Then Grace McCallum (I also like her coach), Leanne Wong (I have a soft spor for GAGE gymnasts, I guess) and both MG Elite girls (Olivia and Riley, I was not their fan previously but they are in a tough spot right now and they deserve support IMHO).
And I can't wait to see the new seniors (born in 2004)

USA has two individual spots aside of the team of 4, right? Is one of them locked for Jade already? And what about the second one, can USAG just nominate a gymnast of their choice (after the trials, of course)? Anyone knows?
I like Sunisa Lee too and think she has a good chance of making it. She’s a beautiful gymnast to watch and she has been looking so strong lately. I also love her backstory about being one of six kids and not growing up wealthy. Her parents had to struggle to afford getting her to the meets. She’s had to work hard for everything she’s accomplished and I am definitely rooting for her.
Jade Carey has not earned the individual spot yet but will know as early as March but it looks like she’s well on her way to getting it. I’m not sure about the second individual spot though.
I don’t pretend to know the intricacies of which combo will get us the most medals, and I think Jade has her own spot happening? But my favorites to watch are Suni, Jade, Morgan and Simone. I am bummed Konnor is too young because I’d be rooting for her if she were eligible.
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