Is anyone watching now?

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That was fun to watch! I feel bad for Rebecca Bross - that was a tough fall - but happy for Bridget. It's nice to see someone so clearly a woman win. Did you all notice how many girls did not wear grips on bars? I guess you don't really need them! All in all, a very exciting event and I really like the Universal coverage on the computer.

She fell on her last pass on floor, her last skill(brani) was way to low and she almost landed on her head. Both US girls did great but it is tough to lose or win like that!
I wasn't really a fan of either US gymnast. I don't really know why but Bridget has always had something that I don't really like. I do like Becca but her knees bother me and she is so injury prone.

I was rooting for Porgras to win AA. She was one of the only gymnasts to have artistry and beauty in her gymnastics. She is stunning too watch and I actually enjoy watching her routines. The way she moves, its so graceful, and we just don't see that anymore. I can't wait to see what she looks like when she is 100% back, her coacch says she is only 70% due to a knee injury. I'm sending the DTY fairies her way! I'm hoping she will be able to win medals on beam and floor. Her beam fall today was a shame. For some reason I sort of felt that it was going to happen. Maybe because of the long wait she had?
Gym4life915, I totally agree with you there! I was also kind of rooting for Ana Porgras to at least medal. She is so graceful and balletic! I will also say that I think the prolonged wait did get to her, unfortunately, but that is how you learn to cope, I guess.;)
I just hate watching it on the computer screen!!!! Anyway, I just saw that Kayla Williams won Gold on vault! Good for her!!!
yes kayla's double twist was really good! What other event finals are today for the women? i really don't care to watch pommel :p Something about this worlds doesn't seem special. I don't know what it just seems...blah.
I am so happy for Kayla, what a great role model for gymnats. Great attitude, humble and wildly talented.

Think I'll have a shower during pommel horse though, I cannot watch those flailing limbs.

The other WAG is UB which will be great to watch.
Not open for further replies.