Is DD missing a beam element?

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Help! My Level 7 DD has changed her beam routine so many times I am almost too nervous to go to her meets :eek:. This last change was a good one...she added her BHS to her BWO. However, she took the other BHS out (her series used to be BWO-BWO, then she did a BHS separately). The Level 7 requirements are a little confusing to me, and she (and I!) are both concerebd as to whether she needs to keep the second BHS in, or does her new series fulfill the requirements? Thanks for any help from parents, coaches, judges!
That fulfills the acro requirements-- she needs a series of two acro skills connected and one acro with flight. The other potentially relevant requirement is two Bs. If she has a B dance element in the routine she's good.

P.S. I can totally relate to the constantly changing routines. It seems like every time my dd goes to practice she comes home saying I have a new beam routine, new dismount, new leap pass on FX, etc.
Thanks for the quick reply! With States looming around the corner, I can't believe the changes these girls make (AND remember!!!). I'm glad I'm not the only GM out there dealing with this.
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