WAG Is it normal to love conditioning or hate it?

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Do you or your dd love it or hate it?

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Paint A Melody

Jul 8, 2014
Everyone that is or has been in my group have hated conditioning so much that when it's time to condition, everyone starts to complain even more than usual. :p I thought that almost everyone in gymnastics hated conditioning this much, but some of the posts on here make it sound like they or their daughters like conditioning, which to me is crazy. o_O Are you a fan or not?
Most of the kids I coach love conditioning. There are only a few who don't like it. We have an option at our gym where you can sign up for extra conditioning for an extra fee and there were kids who begged their parents to pay the extra fee so they could do it. Some had to earn it with good grades, etc.
My DD only started to love it when she realised it produced results. She used to hate it and thought it was a waste of time, LOL. Now she spends hours conditioning just for fun.
Call me weird of whatever but I like it. I like it when I'm tired and sweating because that tells me I'm getting stronger. I like getting stronger
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My DD has a love/hate relationship with conditioning. She will actively request they do more of it, but she hates when she comes out barely able to walk and still was behind everyone else- but that's WHY she'll ask for more, because she wants to be stronger, stronger. A good number of the girls she trains with dislike conditioning and actively cheat while doing it, so it's not uncommon to dislike it.
DD says it depends. If the event that you are on just before conditioning isn't going so well conditioning is GREAT :) If the event is going really well, conditioning isn't so much fun. :) Otherwise she is rather indifferent to it. Knows that it is really important and does it faithfully but doesn't really love or hate it. It is what it is.
My DD loves it unless she hates it.... like she definitely likes it less when there's a jump in difficulty, or she's feeling off. Or if coach is "crabby" and being extra picky and the whole group has to repeat parts because one girl cheated, etc. Other days she just loves to feel like a bad***.

My son is a brand new level 4, and he says "meh". It's still hard for him, but it's "ok". Conditioning is better than when they focus on flexibility (slow going but getting there). :)
It depends for me. I love knowing I'm getting stronger but I hate feeling weak (if the conditioning is hard for me, especially cardio since I wasn't able to for a while)
My oldest DD (L4) loves it and does extra every day ( asked for pull-up bar for birthday) my youngest DD (L3) hates it and does what she has to do and no more. My oldest loves being strong and being able to do more push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and faster sprints then boys in her class...
Love and hate are strong words when it comes to conditioning. I definitely don't love it, but I understand the importance, like getting stronger, and LOVE the results (overtime) so I do it without much complaining and make sure never to cheat.

And even though I don't hate either, they're definitely days when I want to curl up in ball and drown in my own tears and sweat. The days when my coach is in the mood of making everyone start over multiple times or any day that has cardio involved LOL.
My daughter says that she does her conditioning because she knows that it makes her stronger and perform better. But I highly doubt that she would be begging and pleading to do more than ten in a row straddle presses each day. It's a means to an end. She does it well and is physically one of our strongest kids, but she is not in love with conditioning at age 10.
I am tempted to say that if your kiddo is loving it, it's not hard enough! LOL!!!! (I know that's not necessarily true!) Kipper LOVES the results of a strong conditioning regimen, but not necessarily the process itself. She takes great pride in her accomplishments in that area, though (climbing the rope in pike, handstand walks, number or leg lifts, etc.) I think age/level have a lot to do with how much they "love" it, also.
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