WAG Is it possible to get a BHS without a back limber?

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My DD can do both but I don't think they ever work limbers at gym. She just does them for fun at home sometimes. I discourage it because it looks hard on her back. I have no idea if it does, but it looks painful. And she definitely was doing bhs much earlier than back limbers.
My dd's group doesn't do back limbers too often from what I can tell. I remember a couple of months ago watching a bit of practice and seeing them work them (and wondering what they were since I had never seen it before). And yesterday during the bhs drills that had them worked into the end of a station. I think all of the girls on her team can do them sometimes, but they don't make it look easy. lol.
Oh gosh yes! With as many back problems as I had, I never did back limbers. They were way too painful. Handsprings weren't an issue. Keep the faith!
My kid must be the weird one. She had back limber way before the bhs. I don't get this, but whatever...?
I had a back walkover before my handspring, but I don't know about the limber. These days I never do walkovers and limbers, but can handspring just fine.
Look at her round off, a round off has similar attributes to a back handspring. The gymnasts needs to be able to keep her body tight and are flight both onto and off of her hands, block through her shoulders and rebound. If she can do a round off with good tension, speed and power that's often a good indication of a solid BHS.

The speed at which she gets the skill will depend on a number of factors - confidence (is she fearful with other skills?), ability to adapt and change what her body is doing. Based on her coaching and the quality of the way she is coached. The latter will play a huge determining role in the speed at which she gets it - effective drills, a coach who understand the body concept and consistent training usually bring the skill quite quickly.

In my daughters training group they are not allowed to work on their round off back handsprings with a spot until they get the round off part correct first, you have to have a decent round off jump back into a hollow shape, everyone gets to do the back handsprings down a wedge mat with a coach but the type of spot you get is all depending on if you can get the shape right and arm position right.
My kid must be the weird one. She had back limber way before the bhs. I don't get this, but whatever...?
Some kids are very bendy and limbers are quite easy for them, other kids not so much.
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