Parents Is it possible to take time off from competition for a while?

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Thanks for all your replies. I appreciate the collective wisdom. I guess I should sit back and see how things play out. I am worrying too far in advance and, honestly, at this point do not even know what my daughter will want to do, let alone what coaches will think. One thing I am sure of though, my daughter is a very hard worker and intrinsically motivated: I know she would work just as hard even if she weren't competing for a little while. All the other stuff: I have no idea!
Thanks again for all your advice.
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Our gym allows it on a case by case basis. DD has been dealing with chronic migraines all season and has missed more practices than she has made but after discussing the issues with our HC it was decided to not do meets until at least Feb/March and just train and if it turns out there is no season then HC was fine with it. HC also knows that DD is a very hard worker and would/has continued to train hard (when she gets there) without the carrot of meets.
I would not stop competing; it also would not be allowed at our gym. If you workout with the team, you compete.

My dd is now a HS senior about to graduate from one of the most intense private college prep schools in the country and she is a level 10 that has never missed a meet in her gymnastics career (old level 5 to now). She has been in private school since kindergarten. Has school been stressful? You bet; admission tests, interviews, visits - and that was just to get into 6th grade. The constant homework, college prep, ACT/SAT, AP, college applications, college visits - it has not stopped. Gym has always been her outlet for the stress of the academic world in which she has excelled. Gymnastics is her passion and she wouldn't have changed a thing. It will pay dividends in the end; in fact, it already has paid off as evidenced by the college acceptance letters.

Hang in there; if gymnastics is truly her passion, let her guide you.

Thanks for this post….I was thinking about my daughter…..Level 9, 10th grade…also has never missed a meet. Her passion is also gymnastics and reading your comment that "Gym has always been her outlet for the stress…." makes total sense and makes me realize that is the case for my daughter as well!

Soemtimes I wonder if she will look back and think she missed out on HS life. But she has the HS life SHE wants. She is happy and does well (all honors, did great on PSATs 'for fun' this year, will take all honors and AP in the next two years) and will hopefully find a college that is right for her!

I also worry if colleges will think she's 'not involved enough' in HS….and hope they recognize that 25 hours a week at the gym, plus a Saturday morning stint pre practice coaching the rec kids, will be looked upon positively. From the sounds of it for your daughter, it seems possible!!

Good to hear your view! Good luck to your daughter in the last few months of school and in college!!
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