Is it possible to transfer gyms gracefully

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DD has competed with the same gym for 6 years...she just completed her 1st yr at L8...considering an injury which kept her out of full practice for 6 weeks beginning in oct and then a car accident in dec 1 wk prior to 1st competition...she had a fairly successful year...her coaches were very disappointed that she did not make our regional all star fact they seemed disappointed in all L8 gymnasts this year...which brings me to my dilemma...the structure of summer practice has changed to a mandatory all day practice (9 - 4:30) on mon and wed and tue, thurs and fri 9 - 12:30...DD is already committed to a summer job on fridays (long established prior to this change) and really doesnt want to spend full days at the gym...there is no compromise on schedule...we have made the tough decision to leave and go to another there a good way to approach her coaches (who have become our friends) or is this just going to be a bad scene


Aug 29, 2007
It can be possible to make a move smooth. But it takes communication. I've had gymnasts leave my program after a couple years because they wanted a different schedule, a different kind of program etc. Some have been good. Those that were good were those parents that communicated to us why they were leaving. The told us that they loved our program but needed .... and let us know why. Those parents (and we have had them) that just get up and leave with absolutly no warning, those were the though ones. Although we hold no resentment towards the gymnasts and are always very friendly to them when we see them at meets, the parents are anoter story. We try to make nice, but deep down its very hard. We don't know why they left. So that is hard for the coaches.

In your case, just let your coaches know that you've enjoyed the time you've had with them, but that you DD needs a different training schedule. Coaches know that not all girls will be able to do the schedule they set out for. At my gym we give them the number of hours and they need to hit those hours however they can. If we were to institute a set schedule, we would loose the majority of our team.


is it possible

thanks jasmine...we are requesting a meeting with the coaches tomorrow night...i wish they would reconsider the set schedule...i like the idea of required number of hours...i think that works best for families and gymnasts...DD has different committments now than she did as a second grader...we sincerely hate leaving our gym home but we have no other choice...


If you talk to the coaches and let them know that problems with the schedule are going to force you to leave, they may be willing to work with you and find a schedule that works.


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Jan 17, 2008
I think open communication is key as well. I have heard from so many parents that Level 8 is tough... and any coach who expects a gymnast to qualify for a 'super team' is asking a lot. We had 1 gymnast qualify, she score in the 36's all year.

I wish you luck in whatever you decide. I would like to get some of your opinions on Level 8. It appears we will be there this year. DD did two Pirouttes today.. woo hoo.


thanks for all your responses...the schedule is non negotiable...we received that info in a parent reply to kristilynn...level 8 is a very exciting and demanding level...not to worry if your DD was a very solid L7 and is willing to work harder than ever...also, staying injury free totally affects everything...sounds like her bars are going great...good luck...btw...tonight is our daughter's exit meeting...she is very sad and a bit afraid...she summed it up by saying "i spent my childhood there"...a sad but true statement from a 13 yr old...most folks have no idea what gymnasts give up for their sport...


Mar 4, 2008
Our daughter went through the same transition recently and has been very happy with the new gym. We were worried at her new gym (also reduced hours) that she may lose some of her great conditionaing, etc... It has actually been just the opposite! They work very hard with shortened hours and at our gym they instituted a professional conditioning program that has been absolutely great. Our DD has maintained her freindships from the old gym and is having one of the girls over for a sleepover this weekend. Best of all worlds thus far. Good luck and be sure at your meeting your daughter is prepared to answer the "Is this your decision question"! Always a tough one for a gymnast who is used to being agreeable in her training and answering to her Coaches.


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Jan 4, 2008
She is at an age where change is happening in many area's of her life. It is a little like finishing elementary school and moving onto secondary school. The kids have been at the same school as long as they can remember and made close friendships but a very exciting world awaits them at high school with new friendships and new experiences.

I think you might be making an excellent desicion though, her old gym was expecting her to train over 25 hours a week, that is an enoumous number of hours and there are many risks. Overtraining leads to the kids getting burnt out and fed up and their skills can go backwards instead of forwards. As they become tired the risk of injury does increase very, very significantly. The other thing is that as teenagers we tend to lose almost every kid from this sport, usually because they feel like their training hours are causing them to miss out on too much of life. If she is not getting to do her summer job and spend time with friends and have some time to herself she will begin to resent gymnastics and may be lost from the sport altogether. Not only that the idea of having 13 year old kids working out in the gym from 9:00-4:30 is a bit much. Once a workout begins to go too long you lose productivity and injury risk increases, the girls often start to become lazy or even silly and you dont get a lot from it.


again...thanks for all the input...check out my new thread...i could use more help...
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