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Jul 2, 2018
Hey All,
I really don't know if I should quit. I'm going into junior year and I will probably end up being a level eight for the third year in a row. I missed eight months of last season due to a concussion- it wasn't my first one too, so I'm pretty scared about getting another one.This should be an easy decision. Before my concussion I scored a 1420 on the PSAT, but now I'm scared I can't repeat that, especially if I get another concussion. Last time I took the concussion test (two months after I got concussed) I got third percentile on the visual memory portion. Honestly, my memory doesn't feel like it has improved since then. I have already taken 5 APs and I love doing well in school, but another concussion could completely strip me of any academic inclinations. I still struggle with symptoms, and my neck is still really messed up (it was a whiplash concussion). I hate going to practice and being in pain every single day (I normally deal with constant pain in other joints like my ankles and lower back, but this is so much worse). I really don't want to deal with PCS (post concussion syndrome) for my whole life. I have so much I could do if I quit- but none of it is as athletic as gymnastics. It allows you to have an amazingly in shape body and do crazy things that wow people at the same time. I love the discipline of the sport, but I have found myself dreading practice. I'm not good at any other sports as far as I know- for as long as I remember, gymnastics has been my rock and my passion. Junior year is a crazy time when your college career starts to take shape, and I know for certain, I don't have the talent to be recruited for a college team. I love my gym so much though and I don't want to leave my teammates. I feel like I would leave the sport with so many regrets- there are so many skills I have worked so hard for that I have never gotten to compete. Anyway, sorry this was so long. Any tips or suggestions?


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Jan 4, 2008
It sounds to me like another gymsport may be the answer.

Usually when a gymnast comes on here and asks if they should quit, they are really not done, otherwise they would know and they wouldn’t have to ask. But it really does sound like you are ready to walk away from it, but there are certain aspects of gymnastics that make you want to stay. You can find those aspects in another gymsport without having to do such intense hours. You could consider cheerleading, team gym, trampoline and tumbling, sports acrobatics etc.
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