WAG is my routine too easy??/how many passes for level 10?

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Apr 29, 2019
*Sorry about my previous blank thread, btw how do you delete those or edit them??*
Hi, i'm about to be a first year level 10 since my level 9 season is over at the moment and recently I decided with my coach that I wanted to only compete two tumbling passes instead of the usual three next season. My tumbling is fairly weak and all I am able to manage is barely a double tuck and then dismount with a front tuck through to a double full. I have a bit of a mental block on blind landing combos like front comos or 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 punch combos. My coach liked the idea that I will occur possibly less deductions but he says the judges might personally dislike my composition and take off deduction for that. Although my tumbling is fairly weak my dance elements are very strong, and especially my spins and turns. I am consistent on my memmel and mustafina as well as my semenova and triple turn. I was planning on doing a memmel in my routine and then a reverse double turn directly to a triple to get a .2 bonus and then I would have 10 SV. My leaps are just a switch ring to a ring leap. I'm pretty ignorant on the fine print of the code of points and I dont know if my routine would concur any up to level or comp deductions. But I dont really know. My vault is also pretty weak and I can barely pull through a yurchenko layout(more of a pike). Im thinking of switching to a forward vault like a cuervo. My bars is a 10 SV at the moment and my beam is in the process right now. Does anyone have any tips because i'm worried about my chances for this season and if colleges will look down on my tumbling passes since I'm really hoping to try and get a college scholarship, though they might not use me on floor anyways. Thank you to anyone who wants to help! :)
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If you want college, level 10 all the way! Now since you are old enough to be on this forum (I assume you are), your chances to get a scholarship on a top 10/20 school are probably quite slim.

If I am reading the code correctly, you would get a 0.1 up to level deduction. That's not bad for your first year in level 10!
I have a bit of a mental block on blind landing combos like front comos or 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 punch combos.

The 1 1/2 punch is actually one of the easiest passes to spot. There are very easy drills to help you learn to spot this pass or a whip 1/2 punch. These are very easy passes to get value from.

How are you spotting that you say these are blind passes?

If you are not interested... no worries... but I could definitely find some drills for this if you are interested.
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Listen to JBS for coaching tips, but will give some composition advice as a judge. That two pass routine will get 0.25 in comp deductions.
0.15 for acro level - 1st pass D, 2nd pass two saltos no bonus
0.1 for choice of last salto
BUT if you switch the order of the passes and dismount with the double back, you will eliminate the choice of last salto deduction.
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